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My billing rate is $300 per hour for consultation and/or drafting assistance.  In many cases, flat fees are available, and multiple QDROs in a single matrimonial matter are usually discounted.   My experience in the pension arena enables me to work extremely efficiently.  You will not be paying for another attorney's learning curve!

Services might include: resolving pension issues, drafting language for a separation agreement and consult regarding the same, evaluating whether an immediate offset is preferable to a deferred distribution, and acting as a consultant in pension-related matrimonial litigation.  Based on the nature of the work to be performed (i.e. consult regarding plan terms, assistance with separation agreement language, drafting the order), I will request, from the client, a minimum retainer which will be quoted after a preliminary review of the issues involved.  If I am retained as co-counsel during the matrimonial action, my retention is limited to retirement issues only.In the unlikely event that any proposed QDRO or DRO is rejected by any Plan Administrator for any reason, modifications to the Order will be provided at no charge.Should an otherwise acceptable Order that I've drafted  be amended after acceptance by the Plan, please contact my office for a reduced fee for modification of the Order. As a general rule,  outside of the limited scope of working with a trained divorce mediator or collaborative lawyers, I will not agree to dual representation by both attorneys on a matrimonial matter.  Under limited circumstances, I may be retained by both attorneys purely for the purpose of expert consultation and preparation of an Order which strictly conforms to the separation agreement.  

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